Tête-à-Tête with Nanna Hjortenberg

We invited Nanna Hjortenberg, a visionary art historian and the dynamic director of Gl. Strand, into our flagship boutique in the heart of Copenhagen. Where we had a talk about embracing her role at the helm of one of the country's most historic public art institutions, as well as her sophisticated taste when favoring classic tailoring as her go-to uniform. 


/Name, Age, Profession

Nanna Hjortenberg, 46, Director of GL STRAND.


/Please introduce yourself.

I'm an art historian, and I run a kunsthal in central Copenhagen. I've recently taken on the position, and I am in the midst of redefining the profile of one of the country's oldest public art institutions. My focus is on contributing to the future development of the art scene and industry. I believe that art holds a special position in creating a nonverbal understanding of the complex issues - personal or political - that we all deal with. Besides all of this, I'm a mother of three, living in Frederiksberg with my family, and I juggle a semi-chaotic daily life with lots of small glimpses of pure happiness.


/Describe to us your go-to uniform.

I love classic tailoring and rarely leave the house without a blazer jacket. My color is predominantly black (grey or brown if excessive on coloring) often paired with a simple white t-shirt and my Magiela tabis.

/What are your favorite pieces from the collection?

I think the Turi vest epitomizes what has always been a core DNA of MKDT – classic tailoring made contemporary, feminine and to the point. High quality with personality, it’s something to wear for years to come.


/How will you spend your summer?

Our summer will be divided between our red wooden house in the Swedish woods, where we'll enjoy long days filled with blueberries and bonfires, and the Greek islands, where we'll indulge in plenty of clear water swimming and seaside reading. 

/Recommend a piece of culture everyone should experience.

I always recommend art shows – anywhere and as many as possible: galleries, museums, artist-run spaces, and art fairs. This summer, I would highly recommend our show at Gl. Strand in Copenhagen, featuring the amazingly talented American artist Rachel Rose, who is a cinematic master of narrating complex stories of history and power in a visually stunning way.


/What are you currently working on?

I'm working on everything that constitutes a small, independent institution with high ambitions: strategy, funding, programming, exhibitions, talks, and events. We are launching a lot of new initiatives and thinking about how to best contribute to the local art scene and engage more people in contemporary art.

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