Tête-à-Tête with Ilirida Krasniqi

We invited Copenhagen-based Ilirida Krasniqi to stop by our boutique for a talk about how she balances her careers as a dentist and a content creator at the same time, aiming to show us that you can pursue an academic dream and still be able to follow your passions. She refrains from taking life excessively seriously, meanwhile inspiring us with her refined aesthetics consisting of classic elements and timeless pieces.

/Please introduce yourself.

I’m born and raised in Aalborg, Denmark, but my roots originally come from Kosovo, where my parents both grew up. I hold a master’s degree in dental surgery, and I divide my time between the clinic and my passion for content creation. I strongly believe that a balanced work life is the essence of happiness, a wisdom I acquired from ten years of playing handball. I am an athletic and competitive individual, striving for excellence in everything I do.



/Describe your go-to uniform? 

If it’s not my medical gown at the clinic, you’ll most likely find me wearing a pair of comfy tailored pants, preferably black, paired with a tank top and a blazer. My go-to outfit is easy to elevate from day-to-night look.



/Moving into the new season how does your war­drobe transform? 

 I replace the leather jacket with a trench coat or a blazer, wearing my daily uniform with a pair of sandals. I store away the closed shoes. Spring is undoubtedly my favorite season. Fewer layers, exposed legs, transitioning to dresses and blazers after a long winter with excessive layers.


 /Do you have an anecdote where a garment played a special role in your life? 

 I recently bought myself this amazing dress from Khaite, which makes me feel like a princess. It really accentuates my femininity and is a dress I will keep forever and pass on to my child one day. It reminds me of an old blouse I got from my mum, a piece she received when she finished her finals in Kosovo. It is very old, but stunning with puffy sleeves in a sheer black fabric. And I love that she gave it to me, I still wear it from time to time.



/Favourite piece from the MKDT Store?

The white blazer, a masterpiece of form and contrast, sculpted and oversized with wide shoulders and a fitted waist, exuding femininity and power.

/Where would you wear this piece?

 This blazer is suitable for all occasions. I recently took it with me to Paris as the only blazer. I guess the only place I wouldn’t wear the blazer would be when going out for Spaghetti Pomodoro.



/How will you spend your summer?

Besides working full-time in the clinic. I’m going to a festival in Portugal and to my best friend’s wedding in Albania.

 / Can you recommend a piece of culture everyone should experience?

 When I was in Paris, I visited the current exhibition with British architect, Norman Foster at Centre Pompidou. I was amazed by his creations and got really inspired by his understanding of nature and technology. I was also surprised to discover that Copenhagen Zoo is in his portfolio. 


/ Any future projects on your list?

My dream is to create a project that can empower women to pursue their dreams, even if they require balancing different and contrasting passions. I want to be an example of that.


/ Favorite icecream flavour? 

Licorice – the one from Paradis Is is my favorite.

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