We have a responsibility to make a positive impact on our business and its influence. At MKDT Studio, we acknowledge that, like any other brand or company involved in product creation, achieving complete sustainability is an ongoing journey. However, we strive to do more and better. We stay committed to continuously working towards reducing our environmental footprint and promoting longevity for our brand.

Over the past years, we have focused on establishing a strong foundation, gathering the necessary information, resources, and partnerships to propel us forward. Now, we can confidently set our sights on the future.

Our present and future endeavors are guided by a comprehensive sustainability strategy that revolves around four core commitments. These commitments address the challenges faced by our industry and highlight the areas where we see the greatest potential for improvement.

• The individuals involved in designing, cutting, sewing, packaging, and shipping our products play a vital role in bringing our creative vision to life and ensuring it reaches our customers around the globe. It is our commitment to ensure safe working conditions for each one of them, emphasizing social compliance throughout our supply chain.

• Creating and introducing products into the world requires the use of natural resources, which are becoming increasingly scarce. Hence, we pledge to take action to minimize our environmental impact and enhance circularity in our designs.

• Our planet is under mounting pressure, and we all have a responsibility to make changes in our lives and businesses to counterbalance our impact. Currently, we are implementing a CO2 measurement concept to gain insights into our logistics-related carbon emissions. This empowers us to identify and address areas of inefficiency, working diligently to reduce our overall carbon footprint. Consequently, we commit to reducing the overall environmental impact of our organization.

• Honesty and transparency are essential values. We are committed to learning from one another and continually improving. Thus, we pledge to uphold transparency in our external and internal communications.

To ensure the fulfillment of each commitment and maintain our progress, we have devised a well-defined strategy consisting of specific objectives and actionable points that we aim to accomplish by 2025.

We hope to contribute to a healthier industry, doing our part to make a difference.



MKDT Studio