Tête-à-Tête with Helena Malmros 

Helena Malmros is a cherished member of the MKDT Studio family and has been for the past five years. Gracing everyone who enters the store with her welcoming and astute character, we met up with Helena at her preferred spot in the boutique. Delving into the realm of aesthetics and her ability to ‘read’ bodies, effortlessly discerning what perfectly complements each individual. Naturally, we also meandered through her personal favourites from the collection.


/Name, Age, Profession  

Helena Malmros, 53 years old, Store Manager & Shop consultant at MKDT Studio boutique in St. Strandstræde.  

/Please introduce yourself.   

I’m a people's person that treasures honesty, nearness, and character in both my personal and professional life. In my work I’m driven by my interest and commitment when it comes to service, aesthetics, and personal guidance. I possess good communication skills, and enjoy listening and inspiring, which fosters strong relationships and mutual trust and respect with the customers. 


/Describe your go-to uniform. 

You’ll most likely meet me in the boutique wearing a pair of Pemma pants paired with an impeccably tailored blazer. 

/What three items should every woman have in her wardrobe? 

Three wardrobe essentials from MKDT Studio are our Judy Blazer, Pemma pants and a cashmere sweater for the chill winter weather. 

/Do you have a personal favorite item from the current collection? 

I am particularly fond of our choice of fabrics in this autumn/winter collection. MKDTs materials are something special for this season and feels more exclusive and luxurious. The garments become heavier, and especially our eco wool falls beautifully. Our collection this autumn/winter is characterized by a bit more "decoration," which I love about it, and about this season. 

The Jorina blazer is new and complements all our pants and skirts, especially the Nitta paintbrush skirt. 


/A selection of men's styles can be found in the boutique. How would you highlight MKDT studio for a male audience? 

The men’s collection contributes with style confidence and are built up of garments made from the finest materials. The range is perfect for all occasions, can be mixed and suits all ages. 

From the current collection I would recommend the Pai trousers, a heavier knit, layering with the light Joas jacket and topping it with the beautiful Christof coat. 

/You are known for your ability to 'read' bodies and instinctively know what will suit someone. What is your approach to finding the perfect outfit for someone you've just met? 

I do it as the very first thing when I meet the customer in the store. I "decode" the customer's body shape, type, and, most importantly, their radiance and energy. I believe that all individuals, both men and women, have something special to highlight, and from there, I choose to focus on that. 

/What is your best styling advice for the coming cold months?

Layer up in a soft cashmere topped with a blazer and a pair of woolen trousers. Always elegant, and great for cold weather. 




/The area around the boutique is culturally very vivid. Can you share a secret spot in the neighbourhood? 

St. Strandstræde is one of my favourite spots in Copenhagen, working there and knowing everybody that passes by the boutique every day is just key. The street itself is magical and a true gem in Copenhagen. In the summertime I enjoy a post-work glass of wine at Nebbiolo bar or at Lille Blå a small local winebar at Esplanaden, just around the corner from St. Strandstræde. Also, Hotel Sanders just across Nyhavn is perfect for a cocktail, perhaps after visit to The Royal Theater. 

/Can you recommend a piece of culture that you think everyone should experience?

Kastellet – I love to go there for a walk with a to-go coffee feeling the fresh air and clearing my thoughts. 


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