The Choreography of Light

&Drape, Studio 0405 and Mark Kenly Domino Tan combine their forces in an interbreeding of architecture, design and art, to curate a sacred space where the role of light becomes tangible and tactile.

It is a fluid relationship, where each profile has used their expertise to create a mix of translucent curtains built up by different sheer textile panels, elm tree bars and furniture, and mouthblown lamps in opal glass, that fill the space with unexpected, ever-changing patterns of reflections, refractions, and shadows.

The intersection between various traditional curtain techniques and Mark Kenly Domino Tan’s refined tailoring craftmanship results in curtains and panels that accentuate the clean lines in the Mark Kenly Domino Tan studio space and invites the viewer to study an understated and curious interaction of the tactile layers up close.

Through the sense of smell, @dinesen new oil blend DD-2 captures the beautiful complexity of wood and the calm feeling of walking barefoot on Dinesen Douglas planks.

The exhibition is on show throughout the year at Mark Kenly Domino Tan boutique, Store Strandstræde 9.


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