"SPRANG" by Tine Whitta

Tine Whitta was born in 1949, Denmark. She trained as a weaver with Nina Rathje and Regitze Valentiner, and has since worked with the artform of weaving. Whitta specifically immersed herself into the old weaving technique sprang, an ancient method constructing fabric with a natural elasticity, and in 1977 she wrote the book Sprang, on the technique.

     Since 1975, she has had several exhibitions in Denmark as well as in Belgium, Japan, Brazil and the US, mentioning a few. Today, Whitta draws her inspiration from the tough, raw nature by the west coast of Denmark.

     You can see the pieces by Tine Whitta during 3daysofdesign in the MKDT boutique on Store Strandstræde 9, Copenhagen.


3daysofdesign 16 - 18 September 2021

Tadaima x MKDT

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